Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Pictures...

Ok these are some pictures of what I have been up to this past semester. One of them is of me, Noelle and Kendall at the USU homecoming football game. Dont worry....they lost!! However, the events staff still thought it was a good idea to shoot off the fireworks. Ha ha, who knows!

Another is of me and some of my friends I worked at 'Oakcrest' with when we went to see Wicked in LA over fall break. It was so much fun! If anyone is interested the touring company is coming to SLC in summer 2008, definitely go and see! It was so great.

Another is from the first week of school when I went to a Demolition Derby in Logan. I have never been before but I sure did enjoy it! It is definitely a 'white trash bash' as my friends and I affectionately call it, but all good fun!

The last picture was taken just after Thanksgiving with my friend Brett. He and I went down to see the lights at Temple Square because, OF COURSE- what holiday season would be complete without freezing your butt off to see loads of lights with the rest of the great Salt Lake Valley?! Of course the lights were beautiful as always and we had a good time, but I think the hot chocolate after was the best part of all!

This is a group of some of my high school friends. I planned a little get together for us during Thankgiving Break. It was great to see all of them. We had dinner at The Pie by the U and then went bowling. I would HIGHLY recommend the Pie...excellent pizza and very good pricing. We sure did have fun!

Side note- I kicked all their butts in bowling which means they all are really bad....

Hello There!

Well, since it is Finals week and I have nothing to do anymore I decided to break down and create a blog! Most of my siblings have one but they never can check in on me so I decided to create one as well!