Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes please!!!

Honestly, who couldn't go for this right now? YUM! Found at bakerella.blogspot.com

Back to the old grind...

Well it's that time again! Back to the books, papers, and late night studying. Not to mention heaps and heaps of procrastination. Yes, I admit it! School for Utah State University started yesterday and I am back for year #5! Yeah baby!! Ha ha ha, I just like to tell people that I am making up for all of those smart people who manage to do it in 3 years (what is that about?). In all honesty, the college life is a good one, so other than the fact that I hate doing pointless homework, I am alright with being back.

This semester I am mostly taking classes in the Secondary Education program. That means that my classes are mixed with every variety of a teacher that would teach at a middle or high school. I also have my last methods class for Family and Consumer Science. I only have 2 classes each day and then I also have and internship I need to complete at a pre-school and my second set of clinical hours which I plan to do at a high school in Logan.

So far so good!

I only wish Zack went here! For those of you not aware, Zack goes to BYU and since I only had one semester left at USU it didnt make sense to transer. So we get to be apart for 4 months and after that dreaded time, we will be married! It wont always be fun but I know we can do it! Lets hope it goes by fast! I hope everyone else that is back to school is doing well!! Good Luck!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...Brian Regan!!!

Zack and I enjoying the grass!
Here he is- Brialgmq7....if you get what im saying ;) Ok fine, Brian.
We had some awesome seats!!
Here is the opener for Brian. His name is Kermit Apio and was HILARIOUS!!

Thursday night Zack and I had tickets to go see Brian Regan!! He is a comedian and a dang good one at that, if you were not aware. Zack and I LOVE his stuff and probably quote something from him daily. I had bought that tickets MONTHS ago and kept it a surprise from Zack all summer long!! He was so excited!! We both had a great time!! It was at the Thanksgiving Point Ampitheather. What a great venue!! I think its safe to say, anyone who went had a great night!

Go USA!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately...I have been a bit busy living up my last moments in Provo. I move out tomorrow (I guess technically today since it is early in the morning on Saturday) but I just thought I would give a shout out to the olympics!! Still ahead in the medal count and going strong!! And I think I speak for all of us when I say, next olympics better be in USA because as much as I love staying up all night watching them, I prefer to watch them at a normal hour. One more week to go.....keep up the good work.

My favorites so far....

Womens Beach Volleyball. May-Treanor and Walsh are unstoppable!! Havent lost a game since 2007 and really, such nice people!!

Michael Phelps. Enough said.

Nastia and Shawn. Balance beam truly scares the crap out of me!! Way to go!!

44 year old backstroke swimmer. She is amazing!!!

Bronze meadalist from USA in the 10,000m race- her Mom is my hero. Nobody was ever more excited!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

.Must Have Done Something Right.

A favorite song of mine and Zacks is by Relient K called, 'Must Have Done Something Right'. The first line of that song says- "We should get jerseys, cause we make a good team.." So that is what Zack and I decided to do on Tuesday night! We made a list of several things we wanted to do this summer in Provo and this was one of them. We ran into some problems (my fault I do admit!! I know, the 'craft lady' messed up- sorry!!) but overall had a good time. We LOVE how they turned out and cant wait to wear them to Zacks family camp out next week!!

I do take credit for the creative-ness. The numbers on the back are 12 and 27 which is the day we are getting married and on the front left shoulder it has 08 for the year. And of course PUGH is on the back for his last name!! Aren't they fun?!

Special thanks to Michaels craft store for providing the fun. And strange as it may sound, those shirts are SUPER comfortable!!