Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Egg

I guess it was bound to happen sometime. I have always had great luck with roommates- I guess I just got lucky!! I would always listen to other people complain about their crazy roomies and the things they do, but generally, mine have been the cream of the crop! This summer I moved down to Provo and instead of my OWN bedroom which I have had the pleasure of enjoying the past 2 years I decided I could share. Its cheaper, and I will really never be home except to sleep. Now, dont get me wrong, my roommate is a very nice girl just totally inconsiderate. Here is my list of bothersome things she does-

Flips the light on in the morning when she is gettting ready. HI!! Its like 7 in the morning and the sun is already blaring in here. You do not, I repeat DO NOT need the light on now, you can see everything very clearly.

While we are on the subject, she likes to open the blinds!! NOT necessary!! Because remember, she can already see as much as she needs to!

Saturday morning I wake up to her typing away on her laptop. LAPTOP= PORTABLE!!!! Does she not get this? She was just sitting up in her bed typing away at something! Morning- yes, you!!! Nobody is in the front room, why dont you take your laptop in there and type to your hearts content where nobody is sleeping?!

Oh yes, one more thing- the other day I took a quick power nap before work. She came in, turned the light on, saw I was asleep and turned it off (wow, amazing she could do it then but not in the morning) and sits on her bed to play solitare!! SOLITARE!! Once again, take it to the front room!! Where people are not sleeping! And she leaves the door to our bedroom wide open so then I can hear every conversation going on in the front room.

As you can see im quite annoyed. She honestly just doesnt even notice she does these things. I dont get it, I really dont. But im glad I could get it off my chest to share with you fine people!

Kids are funny.

This is a video that brings me happiness, its pretty good. Go on and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My friend Kristen tagged me so I guess its time to go! I needed a new blog post anyway, so here goes!!!

Three Tag...You have to write down 3 of each: joys, fears, goals, current obsessions, & random facts.

3 joys: Family, Food, Friends (ha ha ha, the 3 F's)

3 fears: Some of these might make me sound VERY shallow, but you asked, and I dont mean them to be that way.. Ok, one would be that I am afraid of having a handicapped child more because I would be scared I would mess up giving them all the care they need!! Not because I dont like handicapped people, next would be my Mom dying unexpectedly, and another is teaching? I really am excited to teach, but it is a fear of mine. Someday (which is rapidly approaching...) I will be the teacher and the one in charge an its kinda intimidating and scary!! But I am excited too!!

3 current obsessions: Zack Pugh, The Bachelorette, Ice cream...

3 random facts: I am addicted to WAY more TV than I would ever admit to, I am actually a very sensitive person, and I have not developed film in probably 2 years!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding!!

Well, it happened!! Megan is now Mrs. Trujillo!! I was so happy for her! She looked gorgeous of course and it was such a beautiful day at the temple! There was no formal reception held but she did have a really nice luncheon and now they are off to their honeymoon!! Im so happy for them both! Here are some pictures from the day!
The bride and groom and their parents! (ps- sorry if they arent looking at me in this picture, I was just stealing the photographers ideas and snapping some of my own!)
Me and my best friend!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hiking the Y

We wasted no time!! Zack was so happy that I was finally in Provo he decided we should hike the Y since it is a right of passage down here. Ok, so not really, we just thought it would be fun!! It was a perfect night for the hike and wasnt too bad!! It's a bit steep but a good hike! I cant believe I sat on top of that thing! It is pretty sweet to be able to look at it on the mountain and know I have been there. It was a great night! Here are some pictures of it! The white paint stuff in the one picture is us on the Y if you can't tell! He is trying his best to make me be a Cougar. My Dad would be so proud!

Explanation of the Absense...

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. I know, my life is just SO DANG EXCITING you all missed reading about my life!! Well, you can all relax I am back. My apologies for not blogging for a bit, I know how annoying it is why the people you 'check up on' dont ever post. My first reason for not posting is that I moved!! I am officially in Provo, finals are over and life is good. I also started my job working at The Brick Oven and things seem to be going well. I like it. So what with the move from Logan to Provo and starting a new job, I have been a bit busy!

The second reason, and perhaps a better one is because my laptop (pictured above) had to go to the doctor. It has acutally been giving me issues since December 26th last year, but me being the ultra lazy person I am, decided I couldnt part from it so I never took it in to get fixed. FINALLY on finals week I decided to take it in to be repaired. I figured it would be good so I would avoid playing online when I should be studying. The problem was with the LCD screen. When it was open, the screen and colors were all warped and not as they should be. Everything worked fine, it just loooked odd. So, now I am seeing in correct colors and I am very happy about it. It's SO NICE to have it back!! I dont think I realized how obsessed with my computer I was until I had to be without it for 2 whole weeks!