Friday, January 25, 2008

A few things im grateful for this week...

So I see a lot of people doing a weekely 'Thankful for' posts on their blog and I think it looks like fun, so here is a list of things im grateful for this week-

1. My roommates. Every time they even go to the store, they are always super nice and ask if I need anything. Im grateful to have been so lucky to have good roommates over the years. I know lots of people that have been stuck with crazies!!

2. The Sun!! I never realize how much I miss it till its gone. I guess that is true with most things!! January hits in Logan and the inversion settles in, and it is few and far between that the sun comes out, and when it does, I am sure happy!

3. My job!! How lucky am I to have a job where I get paid to do homework, play on the internet or even write this post!

4. 4-Wheel drive and the fact that my parents pretty much 'gave' me the Expedition. Yes, its a gas hog, but its all mine, and I always feel safe in it.

5. Self-esteem. This one sounds stupid, I know but there are lots of things that have been going on with girls in the ward, or friends of mine that get them down so easily!! I am glad I have a positive outlook and can laugh at myself, especially when I fall down on the ice!! Oops!

6. Meeting new people!! The is one thing I look forward too with new semesters is a new opportunity for friends. I have me a lot of cool people.

7. Music and my ipod. What would the walk be like to school in -12 degrees without my music to keep me company.

8. Professors who are your friends. They realize that learning can be fun and treat you as a colleague not just another number. I am super grateful for that.

That is all I can think of for now!! I hope you all had great weeks as well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

THE BIG 22!!

Here are some pics from the weekend of my Birthday! It was on Saturday, January the 19th. My sister Natalie took me to lunch and Mom and Nicole and Molly came as well. Then Mom took me shopping all day. After that I went out to dinner with my best friend Aubrey to Caffe Molise and then to see 'Mad Money'. It was pretty funny, I enjoyed it! Sunday the family came over and we celebrated the birthday 'Galbraith style'- the 'You are Special Today' plate and all. I came out with plenty of sweet gifts, one of which are my new boots! I was pretty excited about them! Monday, I saw 27 Dresses with my sister Nicole. Your typical chick-flick but it was great all the same. Zack took me to lunch at Cafe Rio before he had to head to work in Provo, then Aubs and I went to the mall, and then the Auto show. So, the weekend started off a bit slow but ended GREAT!! Thanks to everyone for the happy wishes and gifts! What would I be without, my family and friends?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Worth It? I think not!!

So today I got up and got ready as usual. I decide on a black long sleeve shirt so now I go to find my black shoes. They were NOWHERE to be found! I apparently left them in SLC. So I decide on my new cute birthday shoes!! They match and have a cute little bow on them! Plus I have been dying to wear them. So what if the weather is ice and snow, I can hack it right?!

WRONG!! Enclosed is a picture of what happened to my heels after tromping around campus in these. Also, I picked the WORST day to wear them! I had to go back and forth from one side of campus 3 times today and I am on campus for the longest amount of time today. Boy am I glad to be home now.

Through all this I wonder....cute shoes=blisters. Worth it?

Ok, probably. I gotta break them in sometime and I was complimented! Ha ha.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Basketball Season

I love Aggie Basketball!! Tonights game was no exception. We played New Mexico State and won 74-62. I love basketball for several reasons- 1, it is free (at least we already paid for it in the fees somewhere) 2, it is inside and 3, we actually win the games.

Just when I think there is nothing to do in Logan besides watch movies, there comes a basketball game. It just seems to redeem itself from the frigid cold and gives us poor college students something to do and something to cheer about. I sure do love it. Here's to a great season! Go Aggies!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to the old grind...

It's school time again. And this time it is colder than ever. Nothing like walking to class at 8a.m. in 1 ft. of snow with the canyon winds beating on your face. That my friends is a Logan winter. Gotta love it. Maybe not....

This semester I am in 5 classes. For those of you who care they are the following:
Textile Science
Country Swing (Should be re-named, self conscious hour)
The Science of Food Preparation
Methods and Clinicals 1
Multicultural Foundations

Ill give you the gist of what these classes are-
Textile science is pretty much what makes up fabrics and such. We have a lab for this class which consists of burning different material to guess if it is man made or natural or what not.

Country swing....if you cant figure this out by the name you are silly. Its a dance class that is signed up for on a whim and feel completely ridiculous in but I hope as the semester continues it will get better.

Science of food prep- the chemistry behind our foods. This also has a lab where we get to pretend to be food scientists. We get to ruin cookies and figures things out like how to make a perfect flaky pie crust without using any kind of shortening. Woo! Ha ha.

Methods and Clinicals- Wow, after all these years being a teaching major here comes a class where I acutally get to learn HOW to teach. I also have to sign up for a clinical which is where I go out to a real classroom and observe and teach a mini lesson and such. I am thinking of going somewhere in SLC and doing it over my spring break to get it out of the way and that way I get to consistently observe. This was exciting/scary news! I am getting closer!!!

Multicultural Foundations- this is where we learn how to teach students from different backgrounds and ethnicities and diversity. All I know is that for an hour and fifteen minutes today we all introduced ourselves and I was bored out of my mind. So needless to say im 'excited' for this one. :)

Well there you have my life for the next 4 months. Its going to be a harder semester but it will be good and im excited. Its alway fun to have a new environment. Oh- BONUS there are actually males in my classes this semester. I am used to my sewing and other methods classes where I never see them, but low and behold they exist!! Even in the family life building. I was excited. Except now I have to get ready for class....

Well, I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday as much as I did!