Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This weekend Zack and I went caving with some of the people in his ward! We left a bit later than most of the group, and started wandering up Rock Canyon looking around to see if there were any cave entrances. We asked someone coming down on the trail if he knew of any caves so he gave us some directions and off we went! After a MUCH longer time that we thought it would be, we found a small entrance. I thought there was no way they all were in there, it seemed so small, but lo and behold- there the were!!! We found them and it ended up being a GREAT time!

To the right is a picture of Zack and I in front of the cave entrance.

Below is a picture of some of the ward members and us inside the cave.

Once inside, some ghost stories were told, with all flashlights off, and also some hymn singing!! The acuoustics in there were pretty good! It was a fun night!


N Pendleton said...

How fun! I went caving on a date once, but they're the ones that are now closed. quite the experience!

Niederfam said...

What??? Are you cray, don't you know those things fill up with water and people get LOST forever and you drown, what about that is FUN.....did I mention I'm claustrophobic too??? SERIOUSLY it doesn't sound like FUN in the slightest, but I'm GLAD you enjoyed yourself none the less. BE CAREFUL though will ya?????

Melissa said...

Where was that!?! that looks like so much fun!!