Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Job

Many of you have inquired about my job, and what I do, and if I like it. So, I thought I would just write about it and let you all know. I would also like to point out that many of you happily told me you would come and visit me and you CLEARLY have not. Just letting you know, Ill be there all summer. You still have time :) OH- and if I go with you, you could use my 20% off discount. Ha ha ha.

Above is a picture of lots of places in the restaurant. Please pay special attention to the salad bar that is the top left. That is pretty much what I do. Stock it, clean it, replenish it. Yep. Exciting huh? I sometimes get to do the to-go orders if they order cookies, or a salad or soup. I think I like doing that best. What can I say though, I dont love it, dont hate it. Its a good job though, and I was lucky to get the first one I applied for down here. The people are nice too.

But yeah, here is a plug for any of you- if you are down in Provo and need somewhere to eat, come into Brick Oven, the food really is great!! Make sure you ask to say hi to me!! I work in the market room, and NO, your server wont know me. I like to keep a low profile :) Ha ha ha. Either that or there are about 60 servers so its a bit hard to keep track...Happy Eating everyone!

We want s'more!!

Here are some pictures of other things I have been up to!

Top Left- Our beautiful bonfire up Squaw Peak
Top Right- The Perfect Smore Zack made me
Bottom Left- Zack and I racing at nickelcade
Bottome Right- Zack feeding me marshmallows. And really, could my mouth get any bigger?

Tomorrow will start finals for Zack. Good thing, is that he will also finish them tomorrow too!! Its been an awesome summer so far, but I cant wait for the rest of it either! I cant wait for him to not have class or homework anymore!! We have lots of fun things planned that have been pushed back until he is finished. Dont worry, Ill keep you updated on those as they come. The list includes- A Bee's Game, Seven Peaks, 1/2 marathon, hiking Timp, camping, rollerblading, four wheeling and a weekend up at my families cabin in Idaho. Im so excited!! If any of you want in on this, let me know, we would love to have more people join in on the fun!! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer and the nice weather as well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This weekend Zack and I went caving with some of the people in his ward! We left a bit later than most of the group, and started wandering up Rock Canyon looking around to see if there were any cave entrances. We asked someone coming down on the trail if he knew of any caves so he gave us some directions and off we went! After a MUCH longer time that we thought it would be, we found a small entrance. I thought there was no way they all were in there, it seemed so small, but lo and behold- there the were!!! We found them and it ended up being a GREAT time!

To the right is a picture of Zack and I in front of the cave entrance.

Below is a picture of some of the ward members and us inside the cave.

Once inside, some ghost stories were told, with all flashlights off, and also some hymn singing!! The acuoustics in there were pretty good! It was a fun night!

If I could, I would

Nothing too exciting has been going on lately. I do like to write new posts though, because as a blog stalker, I enjoy reading just about anything! So I thought I would write about my favorite thing to wear. T-SHIRTS. I LOVE them, which is probably so gross, I know! It can be the t-shirt from just about anything, I keep them all AND will do just about anything to get a free t-shirt. You want me to do some volunteer stuff? Is there a shirt involved?? YES?! Done and done! I really dont know why, but its the sad truth. I have a variety of t-shirts saved up, whether it be my USU game day shirt (pictured), t-shirts from concerts or shows I attended that ended up costing $30 bucks when in reality it costs them $2 to make im sure, or it could even be my family reunion t-shirt I got when I was 8 years old, I still wear it. I think they are so comfortable! If I could get away with wearing them all the time, I totally would!!